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The JCG Foundation was launched in February 2011 as a Charitable Trust to support current and past students and education in Jersey.  The Foundation raises awareness of JCG within the local, national and international community.  The Foundation is run as a separate entity to the College itself and provides an overarching organisation for all aspects of the alumni both now and in the future.  The JCG Foundation incorporates the JCGA Old Girls' Association. The JCG Foundation supports not just initiatives for JCG but other local schools including The Hawksford Debate, Prepare Revision Academy, Coppafeel Breast Cancer Awareness Charities to name a few.

The Foundation's five key areas of focus:

Alumni - To strengthen long-term connections with the JCG Alumni, creating a sustainable network of support and advocacy for the JCG community and increasing the sense of belonging.

Student Support - To substantially increase funding available for scholarships and needs-based financial support for students, to enable any student offered a place to be able to accept irrespective of their financial background.

Capital Projects - To invest in state-of-the-art facilities that inspire and enable our students, staff and other local students the opportunity to flourish and excel.

Learning and Curriculum Development - To ensure JCG remains at the forefront of educational innovation and learning by extending students'  range of skills to meet the challenges and opportunities of living and working in today's dynamic world.

Island-wide Learning - The JCG Foundation is committed to provide innovative educational projects and events that benefit all Jersey students.


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