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Lucy Sanderson

Creating content for a living is Lucy's passion borne from her time at JCG. Lucy is a copywriter and content marketer.  Lucy believes promoting the camaraderie that makes JCG so special is something that really should continue long after the last school term is over, and thanks to the JCG Foundation, this opportunity is very doable. Whether a self confessed 'renegade' like Lucy at School, she feels we all have one thing in common and that's understanding that strong women pull each other up and support one another. The JCG Foundation is kind of all about Girl Power, and Lucy is a huge advocate of that!



Anna Wicks, class of 1997 is our London Foundation ambassador. Anna has had two generations at this school; her mother, aunt and little sister who is currently in year 13. Anna currently works in Personal Relations in London, which involves working with big clients such as Andrex, Kleenex and Hotel Chocolat, to name a few. JCG helped Anna become the PR expert that she is by providing her with the obvious skills for any job; dedication, ambition, communication, initiative, leadership, teamwork, but above all else, JCG gave her a well rounded education and therefore approach to work life in general.










Simone Goddard, class of 1953. 'I attended JCG from 1949 – 1953...these were very happy years. I then followed a career in hotel and catering. Early married life was spent in Kuwait where my two children were born. On our return to UK, I lectured in my old college in Hastings for several years before returning home to Jersey. After 14 years in the Tourism Department, I took retirement and went on to enjoy my grandchildren amongst many other things. I have a granddaughter at JCG Prep who will soon be moving to the senior school, and another who starts at Prep later this year. I am delighted that they will be benefiting from the excellent education provided by JCG.'
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