Foundation Girls

The Foundation Girls were formed to work closely and be mentored by Leanda Guy, Foundation Director.  Gaining valuable work experience in marketing, communications, social media, event management and PR the girls enthusiasm is infectious.
The inaugural group of Foundation girls volunteered in Sept 2011.  A Foundation Girl's launch event was held at Cardington House in October 2011 to celebrate the formation of the inaugural group of JCG Foundation Girls.  Three of these girls went on to find jobs locally with the help of the Foundation and are now all studying their Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification.
The second group of Foundation Girls joined in September 2012 and have been adding value ever since.  They are now mentoring the 2013 Foundation Girls including our new Junior Foundation Girls from Year 7! 
The girls meet at 1pm on a Thursday in Foundation HQ and have been a huge help to Leanda in all Foundation activities.  
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the girls for all their help and hope they enjoy being a Foundation Girl as much as I enjoy spending time with them.
Leanda Jane Guy, Foundation Director.

JCG Foundation Girls 2013-2014

2014 - Lucy Howarth, Alice Ambler, Annabel St George, Hannah Esnouf, Heather Orpin, Mia Bourke, Charlotte Perchard, Katherine Paul, Eren Gow, Nicol Gaynor, Zana Jeacock-Fewtrell, Hannah-Marie Luce, Charlotte Eva and Rachel Hayden

JCG Foundation Girls 2012 - 2013

2013 -Kiah Robinson, Olvia Garcia and Hannah Johnson.

2012 - Yasmin Sinel, Sophie Roffe, Iona Kelly, Steff Spencer and Liberty Lees-Baker.

 JCG Foundation Girls 2011

Here we all are at Cardington with some Foundation girl mums too, having a great time at a great location!

Inaugural JCG Foundation Girls and some of their Mums
Cardington House, October 2012

2011 - Molly Adeler, Erin Andrews, Emily Beaumont, Courtney Bell, Danielle Brien, Anna Fenton, Hannah Jones, Indra-Kaye Staunton, Jasmine Le Maistre, Taye Le Monnier, Rachel Messervy, Melissa Morshead, Jessica Nobrega, Lindsay Paton, Francesa Rebindane, Holly Seal, Laura Singleton, Joanna Sheppard, Kalina Syvret, Helen Taylor, Jemma Williams, Ally Corbridge.


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