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Funds raised go towards the running costs of the JCG Foundation, supporting JCG and Education in Jersey.

The JCG Foundation is delighted to welcome Calligo as a NISI Corporate Partner. Calligo sponsored the 2016 Calligo JCG Foundation National Computational Thinking Week in November 2016.

Clouds, Bits and Bots fascinate at The JCG Calligo Computational Thinking Week - The JCG Calligo Computational Thinking Week was held at JCG on Monday 7th to Friday 11th November 2016.

‘The main aim of this inaugural ‘Computational Thinking Week’ was to encourage students to take an interest in Computer Science and dispel the perception that it is a subject that is either too difficult or just for a few ‘geeks’ explained Richard Haine, Head of Computing at JCG. ‘We are very grateful to local Cloud Services provider Calligo for sponsoring the week and thank our speaker, Julian Box, CEO, Calligo, who launched the Week and gave a thought provoking talk on the importance of technology for careers both now and in the future. JCG Alumna, Lauren Hopkins, who works in Calligo’s marketing team mentored students throughout the week and was responsible for all social media activity. Students were also inspired by Aongus Fraser from C5 Alliance who discussed using computational thinking in the Tech industry and Ian Goddard, MD Crown Dependencies from Infrasofttech discussedThe Science of Big Data and Future Trends in Technology.’ Students from other schools were invited to this after school discussion.

An action packed timetable and inspirational speakers from local businesses provided students with an insight into a possible career in Tech. Workshops included learning to code, Artifical Intelligence, E-marketing, the future of computing and other computational thinking challenges.

 Julian Box, CEO at Calligo said ‘Calligo are delighted to be sponsoring the Computational Thinking Week at JCG. We are proud to be working with the college and look forward to the many opportunities ahead as we develop our partnership. We feel it is more important than ever to inspire young minds and encourage more girls to take up a technology career as its now a very diverse and exciting industry.’ 

We look forward to working with the Calligo team throughout 2017.

We welcome Equiom Group as a Dominus Corporate Partner.

Thank you for sponsoring the 2016 JCG Youth Music Theatre Production.

We look forward to working closely with Equiom Group throughout 2017.


 The JCG Foundation welcomes Praxis IFM as a NISI Corporate Partner. The Praxis IFM team are kindly sponsoring  JCG Foundation Book Buddies initiative.  

The project was conceived at the successful JCG Foundation sponsored Philanthropy event held earlier in 2015 and has been established in conjunction with Jacksons CI Limited, one of our JCG Foundation Corporate Partners.

Book Buddies runs on a weekly basis and is for local children who would benefit from some extra literacy time. The aim is to allow the younger student to choose a book and to then listen as it is read to them before discussing its meaning. This enables the younger student to be immersed in literacy and develop their language and communication skills.  This is in addition to having valuable one to one time with an older student who acts as a role model.

There are currently students from Springfield, Grands Vaux and D’Auvergne primary schools working with sixth form students.  Each Sixth Form student is asked to commit for a whole term to enable a relationship and rapport to be built with the younger student and to ensure consistency.




2016 - The JCG Foundation launches its - Just Giving and Leaving a Legacy Campaigns

We are all familiar with the much-publicised need for the States of Jersey to make further spending cuts. The States of Jersey Education Department does not have an infinite budget but we strongly believe this should not hinder us from remaining at the forefront of education in the Island and this requires a Capital Investment Programme.  Furthermore, we believe that any female student who meets our entrance criteria and who wishes to study at JCG should be able to, irrespective of their financial circumstances.  This requires an even more robust Bursary Programme.

In recent years, we have seen a significant rise in applications for Bursaries. To alleviate some of this need, the JCG Foundation has secured three new Bursaries. However, with your help we can do so much more! Every donation towards our Bursary Fund will help towards providing a Jersey student with a life-changing educational opportunity.  As a member of the JCG Family we hope you will consider investing in our future by contributing to our Gift and Legacy Campaigns. 

Please click below to view our Just Giving Campaign for Parents and Friends of the College.

 To complete the Giving Campaign Form please click below

Please click below to view our Leaving a Legacy Campaign for our Alumni.

To complete the Leaving a Legacy Response form please click on the link below.

If you are eligible for Charitable Tax Refund please contact Leanda Jane Guy, Foundation Director or call Foundation HQ on 516206 and we will send you an R10 Tax form. The Tax refunds make a significant increase to your charitable donation!

The Foundation has achieved much since launching in 2011 and with your help can achieve so much more to support JCG students and education in Jersey!

Thank you! 





We are re-launching the Annual JCG Alumni London Lunch.  

Please join us on Saturday 19th November at the iconic Tramp in Jermyn Street  

For further details please contact Leanda - or Karen -  We look forward to seeing you in London.

JCG Foundation in association with the Edinburgh based Auction House, Lyon and Turnbull are delighted to be hosting a Charity Valuation Day on Sunday 11th September at JCG. 2pm - 4:30pm.

£5 to have 3 items valued and all money raised goes to JCG Foundation and Hospice.



'Located in the heart of Mayfair, TRAMP has played home to music veterans, acting legends and showbiz personalities since 1969, never losing its enviable allure', and NOW JCG Alumni! 

Follow this linkwhich will take you directly to Eventbrite to book your lunch at Tramp on November 19th.

Thank you to our Corporate Partners for once again supporting our centrespread in the JEP C.S.R. (Corporate Social ResponsibiIlty) Review.


As you will read, we have had another busy and successful year.


On Thursday 30th June, JCG welcomed new Year 7's on their Join Together Induction Day,


kindly sponsored by JCG Foundation Corporate Partner JT.



We are delighted to welcome Lysaght as a JCG Foundation Corporate Partner.

Exciting Career Opportunities

Lysaght have two exciting opportunities for A' Level or Graduate Students in their Jersey office. 

Please share with JCG alumni and families of current students and get in touch with Sharon Joynt, who is a member of our Alumni -


We are delighted to announce that JT

are our new JCG Foundation corporate partner.

The photographs were taken at the JCG Prep Fete, held recently, and show our JCG Foundation girls entering the JT 4G Speed Test whilst promoting beautiful Ian Rolls prints of the Old and New JCG buildings.


JCG students achieve Jersey first in Mandarin


Briony Sun, the owner of ThinkChinese Language School with JCG students, Louise Stewart Scott (15) of St John, Olivia Ramsay (16) of St Lawrence and Gala Harrison-Lopez (16) of St Martin who have passed their HSK grade one certificates.  The HSK qualification is the only Mandarin proficiency certificate recognised worldwide. 

Congratulations to Louise, Olivia and Gala for passing the first official ChineseLanguage test to be held in Jersey.

Photo coutesy of the JEP



JCG Inquiring Minds Lecture Series
William Smith Jnr: Judge, Preacher and Five Daughters
On Tuesday 21 June, Adenike Ogunkoya will  deliver a lecture entitled ‘William Smith Jnr: Judge, Preacher and Five Daughters.’ As well as his involvement in combating the slave trade, William Smith was on the founding committee of what was then known as Jersey Ladies College: his two youngest daughters attended the College. The lecture will take place from 1600-1700 in the Band Room at Jersey College for Girls.
Adenike Ogunkoya read Modern European and African history at Birkbeck College and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She also presented a dissertation for an MA in British Women's History. Her special areas of interest and research include The Smith Family of Sierra Leone; the Creoles of Freetown and their diaspora in West Africa and the Western Hemisphere; Black women in Victorian and Edwardian Britain; and the History of Women’s Education in Britain and in West Africa. She has lectured during Black History Month of 2004 and 2005 on the five mixed race Smith sisters of Sierra Leone from the Victorian era. Adenike is currently working on a historical account of the Smith sisters and her book "A Hundred Years of Freedom; The Smith Sisters of Sierra Leone 1860-1960” will soon be released. Adenike has written for West Africa Magazine, News Africa, Island News and Ovation Magazine. Adenike is a member of Women's History Network, a member of Women In Journalism and an associate member of the Biographer's Club.‚Äč
All welcome - please contact if you would like a seat/s reserved.




Proud to be Joining Together with the JCG Foundation

to support education in Jersey.







Never Such Innocence

Students from JCG achieve enormous success in Commemorative Competition

JCG Foundation were proud to host the launch of this inspiring competition and thrilled two JCG students were invited to the House of Lords to receive prizes for their poetry.

Congratulations to our students and to Lady Lucy French and her team for organising a marvellous competition.

Congratulations to prize winning poets Hannah Owens and Olivia Jones.




To view our latest Foundation Magazine please click on the link:

On Friday 20th May, we held a very successful Coffee Morning for Prep Mums and Dads.  Coffee, tea and pastries, and a good deal of chatting, were enjoyed in our wonderful library.  Future JCG student Emma, who is only 5 weeks old, was very relaxed.  Thank you to Bella and Charlotte our lovely Foundation girls for all your help.

Vaishali Shah, JCG Alumnus, was recently interviewed by Asian Wealth Magazine.  The interview looked at how Vaishali managed her business commitments and what inspires her philanthropy.  Asian Wealth Magazine is the UK's only luxury business publication for British Asian entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals.

Join us as a NISI Corporate Partner. Bracken Rothwell have kindly offered to independently approve our annual accounts as per our constitution.
Thank you to Alistair, Louise and the team.



Infrasoft Joins us as a NISI Corporate Partner supporting the Corporate Partner Programme Awareness Campaign.

Joins us as a NISI Corporate Partner supporting the Corporate Partner Programme Awareness Campaign.


Happy New Year!

Have you purchased your JCG Foundation Loyalty Card?

The Foundation is the charitable arm of JCG.

Everything we do has to be self-funded.  We support exciting initiatives such as:

Bursaries – thanks to Private Donors

  • PREPARE 2016, the Revision Academy for all Jersey Students
    thanks to corporate partner Rathbones Investment Management  International.
  • The Debate Series – thanks to corporate partner Hawksford.
  • The running of for our 'Old Girls'
  • - thanks to corporate partner Jacksons.
  • Production of the Loyalty Card brochure and cards - thanks
    to corporate partner Viberts.

We have created the Foundation Loyalty Card Scheme as a Thank You to any
Parent/Old Girl who donates £5.00 per month (or you can make a one off payment
of £60.00 for an annual subscription) to the JCG Foundation. 

 Your Foundation Card which, if used proactively, will save your donation cost!!

If every parent at JCG and JCG Prep treated themselves to a JCG Loyalty
Card, it would bring in £60,000.00 per year. 
There is so much we can do with that amount of money – from bursaries to
other initiatives that support learning in Jersey.

 If you have a business or work for a company that
would like to offer the JCG family a discount on the Loyalty Card Scheme, or
are interested in learning more about the Foundation Corporate Partner Scheme
helping local businesses achieve their corporate social responsibility
objectives, please do not hesitate to contact Leanda at Foundation HQ -

Local students say Europe has a moral duty to allow 
Syrian refugees to seek asylum within its borders

Students taking part in the seventh instalment of the Hawksford JCG Debate Series have said that Europe has a moral duty to allow Syrian refugees to seek asylum within its borders.

Debate teams from Jersey College for Girls (JCG) and Les Quennevais took to the stage on Wednesday 2nd December to debate the notion that ‘This house believes that Europe has a moral duty to allow Syrian refugees to seek asylum within its borders.’ In an emotion fuelled debate, the winning team managed to convince almost all of the gathered audience to support the proposition for Jersey and its European neighbours to welcome refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria.

Hawksford’s marketing manager Cherith Fothergill attended the debate, and was delighted with the level of enthusiasm displayed from both sides, commenting, ‘The students did a fantastic job in the debate. It was an extremely relevant and thought provoking subject, which was tackled with the maturity and expression it required. Their rhetoric and articulation were incredibly sophisticated and we were all very impressed with their arguments.’

The team for the proposition argued that Europe has a moral duty to protect people who are being forced to flee the brutal Assad regime. They told the audience that over 250,000 Syrians have been killed since the beginning of the civil war in 2011. Referencing Assad’s use of chemical weapons and other acts of terror, the team concluded that it would be morally wrong not to extend support to refugees risking their lives to flee the conflict. The team also used Jersey’s occupation history to illustrate the effects of war on a country, and noted examples of residents seeking refuge in England and other areas of Europe during World War Two.

The team against the proposition argued that the opening of Europe’s borders to Syrian refugees would put extra pressure on housing and public services. The team referenced the current strains on the NHS, homelessness and Europe’s ageing population, to highlight that there are problems that need addressing at home before the West can extend help to refugees. Referencing the tragic events in Paris last month, the team explained that Europe couldn’t risk the possibility of ISIS using the refugee crisis to smuggle terrorists into mainland Europe to carry out further acts of terror. They also noted the benefits that refugees would be entitled to, and questioned how fair this would be for Jersey passport holders, who wouldn’t receive the same treatment in the UK or Europe.

 Maxine Rawlins, chief executive at Hawksford, added, ‘Our aim is to get the students thinking ahead to the future, to ensure they’re always challenging, and hopefully inspiring them to become the devoted politicians of the future. Our positioning statement, thinking beyond tomorrow, is incredibly important to us as it underpins everything we do for our clients. Hopefully this debate will inspire the youngsters to follow this ethos and become more prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.’

The debate teams were made up of students from JCG and Les Quennevais, aged 12 and 13. The teams were mixed to ensure students had the opportunity to work together, and more schools are being invited to take part in future debates.

The Hawksford JCG Debate Series, which was launched at a Hawksford reception event at the House of Commons in October 2012, has been organised in order to encourage public speaking, the voicing of opinions and to create a bridge between today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow.


Do you have children/grandchildren sitting GCSE’s or A Levels in 2016?

Register now for PREPARE 2016 a JCG Foundation Initiative kindly sponsored by

Corporate Partner Rathbones Investment Management International

PREPARE is open to ALL Jersey GCSE and A Level Students.



Dear Ladies,

We are delighted to invite all JCG past pupils to join us in welcoming our beautiful library back to JCG.

Please see invitation and copy of registration form to book your place. We would be really grateful if you could share this with all your JCG friends and we look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday March 12th 2016 for this long awaited event!

Kind regards,

Foundation HQ

Dear Parents and Alumni,

Save £££'s and Support the JCG Foundation – have you got your JCG Foundation Loyalty card yet?

Sign up for your Family Loyalty Card at the Foundation’s annual Victor Hugo, Longueville evening on Thursday 10th December. Victor Hugo are offering JCG Families 20% off your favourite tipple for Christmas and a glass of Moet and free J20 for the younger ones whilst you shop. We look forward to seeing you at 5.30 – 7.30pm at Victor Hugo Longueville.

What is the JCG Foundation Loyalty Card?

As a thank you, any member of the JCG Family who kindly donates a minimum of £5 a month to the JCG Foundation will receive a JCG Foundation Loyalty Card offering a host of discounts from a  myriad of local businesses!

The JCG Foundation was set up in 2011 as a charitable trust to support education in Jersey.  If every JCG family joined this innovative fund raising scheme it would provide £60K a year for us to provide more bursaries, student support, education projects to support your child’s education.

We will be sending monthly newsletters with discounts throughout 2016 so you can definitely save more than you spend on your donation

Please find attached the Loyalty Card brochure with list of current discount partners and forms to register today or join us

on Thursday 10th for the Victor Hugo evening.

Kind regards

Foundation HQ Team



JCGA / JCG Foundation Spring Reunion and Library Repatriation - March 12th 2016

Dear Ladies,

We hope word has reached you that we have been successful in rescuing your beautiful library from the old building.  It is now safely repatriated and creates a stunning library at Mont Millais for past, present and future generations to enjoy.

Thank you to all of you who wrote to Planning and thank you to the Jersey Development Company and Whittinghams for making our dream of repatriating the old library a reality. 

We very much hope that you will be able to join us on Saturday 12th March 2016 at 12:30 at JCG for lunch at the JCGA / JCG Foundation Spring Reunion and Library Repatriation Celebration.  We are letting you know now, in the hope that many of you from Jersey and further afield will be able to join us.  We will endeavour to send out hard copy invitations to those ladies who are not on email, and please do help us spread the word about this super event to all your JCG friends.

The cost for a delicious two course lunch will be £15.00 per person, which we hope is acceptable.  For a Booking Form or further information please contact Karen Stone –

Kindest regards,


Leanda and Karen

Female Focus - Minerva's Fashionable Fascinator Event

Minerva’s Female Focus network was delighted to invite a select group of successful, independent and influential women to its 'Fashionable Fascinator' event at The Bentley London, on Tuesday 22 September 2015. Among the guests were Jersey College for Girls (‘JCG’) competition winners Rachel Hayden, 18, and Ella Waite, 17.

Prior to the event and inline with one of the business’ core values (to nurture and develop talent from within future generations), Minerva proudly became a Corporate Sponsor of the Jersey College for Girls (‘JCG’) Foundation. Following on from the JCG’s ‘Women of Substance’ event on 6 March 2015, which celebrates International Women’s Day, Minerva launched a competition for year 11 and 12 students entitled ‘Aspirations of a Woman in 21st Century Society’.

The participating students were then required to create and deliver a presentation on ‘Aspirations of a Woman in 21st Century Society’ to a panel of judges at Minerva’s offices. As the competition winners, Rachel and Ella earned themselves a place each at the ‘Fashionable Fascinator’ event, where they were given the opportunity to meet and network with a dynamic group of highly successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs at the top of their professions.

Vaishali Shah, Head of Female Focus, said: “Minerva’s corporate sponsorship of JCG is of personal significance to me as a former student of the College. Talented and ambitious young ladies like Rachel and Ella with their fresh perspective and mind-set can make an enormous contribution to the corporate world. I am sure both Rachel and Ella have a very bright future ahead of them, and I wish them the very best of luck in their endeavours.”


Dear Ladies

We thought you would like a sneaky peek at what your old building is going to look like!

To view College Gardens please click here -

We will be in touch with invitations for a VIP viewing soon!

Love, Foundation HQ



JCG Foundation CoppaFeel! Evening at Rojo
Dear Friends
I am delighted to let you know that our JCG Foundation Corporate Partner Stonehage Fleming Family and Partners
have agreed to support our Coppafeel! visit again this year. Really hope you can join us for what will be a fun
evening. Also thrilled to share that the next day we will again be visiting lots of schools to ensure Jersey students 
are all Breast Cancer Savvy! Over 1000 last year and we hope to do the same again! 
Please register on Eventbrite on the Facebook link below
May I also ask you share with your work colleagues, friends and family. We would like everyone to have the opportunity
to come and also remind them to 'check their boobs a la Coppafeel! potential life saving message! :)
See you on Thursday 24th September at Rojo for a great night! Fun Quiz, Cocktails, Tapas, Dancing all for a great cause
to remind us to check our boobs! 


Old Library Repatriation

We thought that you would like to see what is happening at our old Building
The following photographs show the progress which is being made.
 Thanks to your help, JCG Foundation has secured the safe return of your
beloved library which is now being installed.  
We look forward to a Library Repatriation Celebration event soon and will be in touch with a date!



JCG Foundation/JCGA Magazine

Please find attached an online version of our latest Magazine.
Our next Magazine will be published for our 2016 Spring Reunion.
If you would like to write an article or organise a reunion please get in touch with 

Please click here to see our latest magazine.

JCG 'Old Girls' Enjoy Summer Coffee Morning and Catch up

at St. Brelade's Bay Hotel 



JCG Advert for Lux Magazine

JCG Foundation and Jacksons Pride and Joy an Outstanding Success

Drivers Pride and Joy make it a day to remember!


JCG Foundation Jacksons Pride and Joy Event!

We are thrilled to announce the JCG Foundation Jacksons Pride and Joy event now in its third year will be taking place on College Field on Sunday 28th June 1pm till 4pm. Register your vehicles on or simply pop the date in your diary and join us with a picnic for a fun filled afternoon.

Click on the image below, to view the flyer.

Hope you can join us!

New Dominus Corporate Partner!

We are delighted to welcome Le Masurier as a Corporate Partner.

Le Masurier is one of Jersey’s oldest and largest property companies with real estate assets located in Jersey, United Kingdom and throughout continental Europe.  The Group’s strategy is to achieve long term, growing, secure and sustainable income.  The investment risk profile of the Group is aligned with the culture of the ultimate beneficial owners and follows a risk averse, conservative and long term growth strategy.

Le Masurier become JCG Foundation Corporate Partner supporting the local section of Building the Future, Shaping our World global female engineering competition.

Please click here to dowload the media release.

JCG Rolls With It Again!

Thank you to The Jersey Development Company for our wonderful new picture of our old building!

Jersey Development Company commission Ian Rolls picture of Rouge Bouillon (see below) for the JCG Foundation.  The original picture was presented to Carl Howarth, Principal and Sally Le Brocq, OBE, the Foundation Patron at the 2015 Spring Reunion.  

If you would like to own your own print of this beautiful picture, please email Leanda on

All funds raised from this beautiful print will go towards supporting the work of the JCG Foundation.

New Nisi Corporate Partner!

We are delighted to welcome New Nisi Corporate Partner, Minerva.

Minerva is one of the largest independently owned trust companies in the Channel Islands. Minerva has been in existence for over 35 years and has a wealth of experience in trust, corporate services and fund administration. In addition to the main office in Jersey, Minerva also provides services from London, Geneva, Mauritius, Dubai, Singapore and the Netherlands, as well as an affiliate office in Kenya.

Please click here to download the media release.

Please click here to view the media coverage from Bailiwick Express.

Prepare 2015

We are delighted to report that JCG Foundation  ‘PREPARE 2015’ kindly sponsored by Rathbones Investment Management International,

was a resounding success and we look forward to launching an A'level and

a GCSE Revision course for all A'level and GCSE students in Jersey in 2016!

Please click here to download the flyer for 2015

The press release can be viewed here.


Calling CLASS Of 1983!

Calling all Old Girls from Class of 83 ! A little birdie tells us you will all be celebrating a big birthday between Sept 2014 and August 2015.  We are helping organise a ‘bit of a do’ for you all.  Please contact Jane Le Sueur if you are keen to attend the event at JCG to celebrate. . The girls would also like to  include any old girls in their year whom may have left after O levels in 1981 or AO levels in 1982 as well as A level leavers in 83! So, if that’s you please get in touch with Jane directly she will be delighted to hear from you. 

If you would like us to help you organise a reunion just get in touch with me

New Dominus Corporate Partner!

We are delighted to welcome Stonehage Group as a Corporate Partner and thank them for their generous sponsorship of the Coppafeel visit to Jersey. Young professionals and over 1000 local students are breast cancer savvy thanks to this initiative. 

Thank you to all our sponsors; Adapt, Sure, The Royal Yacht, After Breast Cancer and Dickson Gleeson for making Kris and the teams visit to Jersey possible.

We hope to run the same event again in September 2015.

Please click here to download the press release.

JCG Rolls With It!

We are thrilled to share the news that JCG has commissioned Ian Rolls to paint our wonderful building as a thank you to Philip Taylor, our outgoing Chair of Governors for the last 17 years. 

Philip is delighted with the picture and has given his permission for Ian to provide us with 100 limited edition prints of this beautiful picture which are now available to purchase.

To secure your print, please email Leanda on

All funds raised from this beautiful print will go towards supporting the work of the JCG Foundation.


JCG Foundation/JCGA Magazine

We are excited to present our latest JCG Foundation/JCGA Magazine.

Please click here to see our latest magazine.



 The JCG Foundation Website and Database is kindly sponsored by 

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